Thank you for your interest in the RED Modding Center project!
Purchasing instruction follows:

  1. Video tutorial. You can watch the following video, which covers all the aspects of purchasing and registering the product:
  2. Licenses. RED MC allows you to choose a set of Licenses, which suits you most. All licenses are divided into categories. Those from the General category affect the general program behaviour and work with every available file type. Other licenses are grouped by game/platform, they work with. Each license is activated with a special key. So, once you have a proper key, you can register it and use functionality, provided by the purchased license. Each license is only valid for a single PC; so if you want to use the same license type at more than one PC, you'll need to purchase more than one license (one license = one PC). All licenses are life-long, unless otherwise stated. If you change your PC, you can request a new key for your license, while it is not expired (see paragraph 14).
  3. Free Version. Originally each user is provided with 2 free licenses for each supported game and platform; they allow to open Roster (ROS) files and edit Players table. A limited support for texture subfiles of IFF files is also available for free.
    Advanced licenses are additionally charged.
  4. Modder's Interfaces License Contents. Modder's Interfaces license provides you with the following:
    Free Modder's Interfaces
    Open Multiple Files At Once Only 1 Up to 10
    Row Filters No Yes
    Dynamic Linkage No Yes
    Global Editor No Yes
    Auto BackUp No Yes
    Recent Files Menu Disabled Enabled
    Filter & View with MyFriend Panel No Yes
    You can watch a video, representing all the Modder's Interfaces license features, here:

  5. Tables Licenses Contents. Tables licenses allow you to edit the specific tables (grids, spreadsheets). Tables licenses are platform specific (different for each game and platform type).
  6. File Types Licenses Contents. Allow you to open more types of savegame files. These licenses are game and platform specific. Note: It is not guaranteed, that on-line savegames (like MyCareer mode saves, played on-line) are fully compatible. Changes, made to such saves, may be reverted back by the game, when you go on-line.
  7. MyFriend Panel License Contents. Enables MyFriend Panel for the specific game type (the license is only game specific, so, purchased for a particular game, it will be available for all the supported platforms).
  8. Full Roster Control License Contents. Full Roster Control license provides you with a variety of tools to work with files on a lower level, which allows even more customization. Currently only Stage 1 of the license is available, which includes such functionality as cloning, deleting and moving items inside files.
  9. IFF Files Licenses. These licenses allow editing of different contents of IFF files (textures, in-game text, etc.). Each inner file type requires a separate license. Currently it is possible to purchase only a life-long license. Supported IFF files include PC ones of NBA 2K12-2K15 and MLB 2K12, although it is only guaranteed, that NBA 2K14 and NBA 2K15 files are supported. The free license allows to rename and export inner files, and also allows to import textures, which dimensions do NOT exceed the original texture ones and 512 pixels (whichever is less). To be able to fully edit/import specific files, please, purchase corresponding licenses. Purchasing any IFF license will also provide you with the ability to clone, delete and move any inner files, also raw-import inner files of all supported games, except for NBA 2K15.
  10. Prices. The list of currently relevant prices follows:

  11. Discounts.The following discounts are applicable:
    • Purchasing licenses for more than one game platform (PC, X360, PS3) within a single order will provide you with a 30% discount for the 2 cheaper options of the order (e. g. if PC set is more expensive than 360 and PS3 sets, you'll get the 30% discount for the 360 and PS3 sets). This discount is valid for both NBA 2K14 and NBA 2K13.
    • If you purchased any RED MC licenses for NBA 2K13 before the 8th of December, 2013, then you get a discount for the corresponding licenses for NBA 2K14 (e. g. if you purchased Teams and Staff for NBA 2K13 X360, you'll get a discount for Teams and Staff for NBA 2K14 X360). The amount of the discount depends on the total sum of all your orders of the NBA 2K13 licenses: $0 - $4 - 0%, $5 - 5%, $6 - 6%, $7 - 7%, ..., $19 - 19%, $20 or more - 20%.
  12. Payment Options. Payment options include PayPal, WebMoney and Yandex.Money. PayPal is recommended, since it has smaller fees. Here is the recipient info, you might need:
    WME: E296988675197
    WMZ: Z218998810247
    WMR: R170499447071
    Account number: 41001168100031
    Note: Transaction fees are also paid by the customer.
  13. Purchasing Steps.
    1. Make sure, the program has Internet access. Means, you need to have an active Internet Connection, and the program must NOT be blocked by your firewall or antivirus program.
    2. Open Help -> Order Now... dialog box.
    3. Select the licenses, you'd like to buy. You can use the Presets to make the process quicker.
    4. Go to "User Information" tab.
    5. Fill in Payment Information. Please, make sure, you fill it in correctly, as otherwise it won't be possible to recognize the payment and recieve the money, which means you won't recieve your key.
    6. Fill in Registration Information. Name can be any name of your choice. Password is necessary for fast key recovery, so, please, remember it, as otherwise the key recovery process might take much longer. E-Mail is the e-mail address, where your key will be sent.
    7. Check "Confirm" and click "Send". Wait, while the order information is being sent. It can take up to a minute (usually 5 seconds). In case some error takes place, you can always make a manual order by sending a message to
    8. You will be replied with a Product Key within the next few days (usually requests are handled each weekend).
    9. Once you recieve your Product Key, you should open Help -> Register... dialog box and input your whole and exact registration name and key there (just copy-paste everything), then click "Apply" and restart the program.
  14. Key Recovery. In case your key has stoped working, while the license is not expired, you can request a new one. To do so, you need to open Help -> Request A New Key... dialog box and input your Registration Name along with your Password there, then check "Confirm" and click "Send". If everything is correct, a new key will be sent to you within the next several days. In case you don't remember your registration info, you should write a message to

For technical support you can drop a message to or

Thank you for purchasing the product!